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High Payload Capacity

Weighing only 6000 grams, BlackLion-168 is able to carry a payload of up to 4000 grams. It is an ideal platform to carry high-end SLR camera or video camcorder.

Long Flight-Time

At the optimal take-off weight of 8000 grams, BlackLion-168 able to remain airborne for more than 50 minutes! It is suitable for long distance missions such as surveillance.


Our high capacity Lithium Polymer battery is able to provide more than 50 minutes airborne time in a round of charge.

BlackLion-168 can be operated in 3 different modes, where 2 of them are GPS-assisted. You will not need to worry about drones flying away again.

Autonomous Mission Completion
BlackLion-168 is capable to complete
a whole flying mission autonomously, starting from auto take-off, to waypoint navigation, then auto landing on desired zone.