BlackLion 108


BlackLion-108 (Coming soon!)

Similar to our BlackLion-168 flagship product, the upcoming BlackLion-108 is designed to be a professional UAS system for industrial applications. However, it is more optimized for users with portability, safety and cost concerns. It will have two switchable configurations; a quadrotor setup optimised for flight endurance, and an X-8 setup for extended payload options.

Estimated Specifications:

BlackLion-108(Quad) BlackLion-108(X-8)
Max. take-off weight 5 kg 10 kg
Max. payload 1 kg 2.5 kg
Max. wind rejection 10 m/s 15 m/s
Max. cruise speed 15 m/s 25 m/s
Max. flight endurance Up to 45 min Up to 30 min