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BlackLion-068 is a programmable quad-rotor UAV platform with footprint, payload and price optimized for educational teaching and academic researching purposes.

BlackLion-068 can be expanded with additional sensors and actuators in a convenient plug-and-play way. Its built-in flight controller ensures quick, stable and reliable flight performance in various types of environments. Its 2nd on-board computer can be used for real-time computation of high-level navigation and mission planning algorithms.

When equipped with a2D LIDAR, it is by default able to carry out autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance in an unknown indoor environments without accessing GPS signal.

There is also another version of BlackLion-068 equipped with GPS modules so user can utilize its expandability to perform complicated outdoor tasks.



Our design has enabled user to expand with additional sensors and actuator simply by plug and play. And its 2nd on-board computer offers user huge computation power to implement high-level navigation and intelligent task algorithms. So users can easily build their own application upon our platform.

Obstacle Avoidance

Build in path planning algorithm enables the drone to avoid obstacles at in-door environment.