Facility Inspection

To ensure 24/7 supply of electricity, gas and oil, regular routine inspection on facilities is needed. Due to their size and locations, aerial views are often the best perspective.

BlackLion-168 fits in the aerial inspection seamlessly. Using built-in waypoint navigation, BlackLion-168 can inspect relevant facilities autonomously without need for navigation commands from pilot. The inspection result is obtained fast and thorough.

Additionally, with industry-standard mechanical and electronic implementation, BlackLion-168 has passed strict EMI and operation environment test. It is able to get the job done regardless of Electromagnetic Interference or hash weather conditions.

Inspection Examples:

Oil pipeline inspections

Gas pipeline inspections

Solar installation inspections

Power line / cable inspections

Cooling tower inspections


Critical infrastructure inspections

Wind turbine inspections

Bridge inspections

Counting of animal populations

Train line inspections

Monument inspections

Radiation measurement