About us

Our Company

We are a spin-out from the Unmanned Systems Research Group of the National University of Singapore. We specialize in UAV autonomy and navigation in both indoor and outdoor cluttered environment. 

Our main directions include autonomous navigation of unmanned rotorcraft systems, design of unconventional aircrafts, and to provide solutions with intelligent UAVs for a wide range of real-life applications. Our solutions allow intuitive interactions between UAVs and users to precisely navigate and continuously broadcast useful information to the users.

Our Vision

To produce world-class small-scale unmanned helicopter and multiple rotorcraft with sophisticated sensors, avionic systems, control and communication systems, as well as ground control systems. To provide flight services for geophysical exploration, aerial photography, mining surveys, power and pipeline inspection, precision agriculture, rescue related support work, bathymetric surveys, forest management, radiation detection. To provide services for handling, interpreting and processing information and data collected by unmanned aerial systems.