3D modelling, mapping and GIS applications

3D modelling of landscape and architecture was not an easy feat due to the limitation of the equipment and technology decades ago. Nowadays, BlackLion-168 has provided a perfect solution for this using minimum resource and labour effort.

BlackLion-168 is capable of processing 2D images into the 3D image that has depth information that allows it to be used as a 3D model. The process is fully autonomous, including waypoints planning and take-off/flight/landing. Along with the Geographic Information System (GIS) and other technologies such as VR, AR, the potential of usage on the 3D models is limitless.

Additionally, the long endurance and high payload assure longer on-air time with larger image sensors size (up to full-frame 40Mpixel). This translates to mapping around 1500 hectares at one flight at resolution 10cm/pixel. Meanwhile, users also have the option to generate high-resolution models (sub 1cm/pixel) if lowering flying height.


Precision Agriculture Geospatial Services Atmospheric Science
Tidal Mapping Terrain Surveying Geographical Mapping
Architecture Modelling Landscape Analysis Urban City Planning